Project Uongozi (I)

Project Uongozi is a free training series that aims to equip youth (students, graduates and professionals) and management teams with core business and leadership skills:

  1. data analysis and visualisation
  2. story-telling and insight generation
  3. strategic thinking

The first segment in Q4 2020 will focus on data analysis and visualisation using Microsoft Excel, the world’s most common spreadsheet software. Spreadsheets are important because they allow a range of users to store, manipulate, analyse and visualise data, so that you can draw insights to inform decisions. Common use cases are to create budgets, customer information, sales tracking reports and financial statements.

For our Excel segment, we are offering two levels of free training: Basic and Intermediate. See the objectives for each level below:

If you are interested in signing up for our free* Excel training, please complete the registration link below. Terms and Conditions apply


Terms and Conditions

*Project Uongozi training is free, but we require a refundable commitment fee to encourage attendance

  • Pay a refundable commitment fee of Ksh 100 per training to MPESA Buy goods, Till number 5394409 (NELLY WAMUYU)
  • We will share a code-word during the training, for you to claim your refund
  • We will share a post-training survey to the registered email address 2 days after the training
  • Complete the post-training survey within 7 days, including the code-word to claim your refund
  • Your refund will be processed within 14 days of the training