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MICROSOFT EXCEL: Mastery made simple (BASIC)

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This is the entry-level class for our Microsoft Excel trainings. Start here for a strong foundation
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Microsoft Excel, the world's most common spreadsheet software. Spreadsheets allow users to store, manipulate, analyse and visualise data, in order to draw insights that inform decisions.

This is part one (basic) of two Microsoft Excel masterclasses hosted by Ataare Advisors. In this 3-hour class, you will:

  1. Understand the importance of spreadsheets and common use cases
  2. Learn to structure spreadsheets for data entry, and manipulation
  3. Understand foundational formulae for data manipulation (e.g. logic, text manipulation, arithmetic)

Things to note:

  • Please note that this online masterclass is pre-recorded from a previous live class we hosted (Copyright 2020)
  • All our courses come with an editable certificate that you can complete and show off! It's cool to elevate your skills
  • All our digital products come with a 100% money-back guarantee (See our Terms and Conditions)

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