Five (5) highlights from Quarter 2 (2021)

TLDR: Beyond Slides Masterclass was a success; business coaching is open;we were featured in The Star courtesy of WomenWork; what Ataare means. 1. Success of the ‘Beyond Slides’ trainingOur online training session on how to make powerful slide presentations was a huge hit! The satisfaction score for the training was 95%. In addition, the net promoter score was 75! (the benchmark ofContinue reading “Five (5) highlights from Quarter 2 (2021)”

Project Jua

Year: 2020 Context: An Africa-focused venture builder invests financial and human resources in early-stage cleantech companies across sub-Saharan Africa. Challenge: The venture builder wanted to know whether or not to prioritise certain solar energy sub-sectors in their next fundraise and investment round. Key questions: What is the market potential per sub-sector? What is the competitive landscape per sub-sector?Continue reading “Project Jua”

Project Uongozi (I)

Project Uongozi is a free training series that aims to equip youth (students, graduates and professionals) and management teams with core business and leadership skills: data analysis and visualisation story-telling and insight generation strategic thinking The first segment in Q4 2020 will focus on data analysis and visualisation using Microsoft Excel, the world’s most commonContinue reading “Project Uongozi (I)”

Project Uzima

Year: 2019 Context: A Kenyan eye hospital offers out-patient and in-patient specialist services and sells glasses. Challenge: The hospital needed support in crafting its growth and expansion strategy for new services, new geographies, and price optimisation Key questions: How should the hospital optimize its existing prices? What adjacent services should the hospital offer? What geographiesContinue reading “Project Uzima”

Project Maendeleo

Year: 2020 Context: A global NGO subcontracted us to co-create a comparative learning brief on COVID-19 impact and response in two African countries. The project was coordinated and funded by African and European development organisations Challenge: COVID-19 has disrupted economies, health systems, labour markets and the youth ecosystem. Additionally, it is a rapidly changing, andContinue reading “Project Maendeleo”