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  • Celebrating 2022
    TL;DR: GET AHEAD IN 2023 Business planning workshop recap, Community wins +  Ataare wins. Thank you for your support & Christmas plans ICYMI: GET AHEAD IN 2023 annual business workshop was a success! We unpacked business strategy review and refresh, annual planning using calendars, budgeting, and planning for a looming recession, and had live demos on how … Read more
  • Five (5) highlights from Quarter 2 (2021)
    TLDR: Beyond Slides Masterclass was a success; business coaching is open;we were featured in The Star courtesy of WomenWork; what Ataare means. 1. Success of the ‘Beyond Slides’ trainingOur online training session on how to make powerful slide presentations was a huge hit! The satisfaction score for the training was 95%. In addition, the net promoter score was 75! (the benchmark of … Read more
  • Project Jua
    Year: 2020 Context: An Africa-focused venture builder invests financial and human resources in early-stage cleantech companies across sub-Saharan Africa. Challenge: The venture builder wanted to know whether or not to prioritise certain solar energy sub-sectors in their next fundraise and investment round. Key questions: What is the market potential per sub-sector? What is the competitive landscape per sub-sector? … Read more
  • 5 highlights from 2020
    We know this comes a bit later than most new year’s messages, but we could not let January pass us without sharing this quick note.Thank you for being a part of our 2020. 2020 ended on a high for us and we would like to share a few highlights from Q4 Highlight 1 We hosted our … Read more

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