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BUSINESS CLASS: Financial Literacy Bootcamp

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This beginner-friendly bootcamp will get you up to speed on financial concepts for your business!
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In this training, you will:

  1. dive into five (5) key financial skills
    1. strategic pricing,
    2. cost control,
    3. credit management,
    4. budgeting and forecasting,
    5. fundraising
  2. demystify financial statements
    1. income statements,
    2. balance sheets
  3. building a financial model

We have bonus interviews with an entrepreneur and digital creator too! If you are not convinced, see some stats below and watch this teaser video...



  • 97% of African* MSMEs believe financially literacy skills would help them run their businesses better
  • 73% of African* MSMEs believe their current financial literacy skills are inadequate
  • 62% of the Ataare audience are interested in ‘financial planning for entrepreneurs’
  • 60% of Ataare DMs are requesting advice on how to price correctly
  • 80% of our work involves financial modelling for our clients (large and small)

Note: *Nigeria example (Dec 2020) Source

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